Top 3 Video Converting Software for Mac 2020

Everyone comes across a video file that won’t play at one point in life. And it can be a huge inconvenience, especially if it’s work-related.

Fortunately, there are free video converters for Mac users. They might not have as many features as the premium versions, but they get the job done.

If you’re on a Mac and need a free video converter, here are your options.

Wondershare Free Video Converter for Mac

Wondershare is by far the best free video converter for Mac. It works on OS X 10.16 -10.15, and it can convert audio and video into 1,000 formats. That means you can make the content compatible with Apple TV, iPhone, Apple Generic, and others.

Beyond conversions, this software can also download videos from over 10,000 sites. Other useful features like desktop recording and video editing are also supported.


Quicktime is designed to be a media player for Mac. But it is also capable of other things, including converting video.

The best part? No download is required to use this software.

It comes bundled in the Mac OS, making it one of the best free options you can ever get. With this software, you’ll never have to deal with intrusive ads or annoying upsells.

Media Coder

Media Coder is another free to use video converter available to Mac, Windows, and Linux users. It supports all popular media formats, including CUDA, QuickSync, and NVENC.

The software also allows batch processing. This feature supports converting multiple files together, and you can tweak the rate and other file parameters. Talk about convenience in a box.

The Conclusion

There you have it, the top 3 video converters for Mac. However, they are only meant to be a short-term solution. That’s because they are far too limited for professional use. Now pick one and convert away.