Top 3 Free Video Converters for Windows in 2020

Nothing is more annoying than having to deal with an unsupported media format. It takes up a considerable chunk of both time and productivity – and that’s where video converters come in.

Generally, this software allows users to change between formats. While there are several premium versions out there that give subscribers the full range of features, free converters are also an option. Here are the top 3 free video converters of 2020.


Handbrake is one of the few genuinely free video converters on the internet. It is open-source software that boasts the most expansive features. On top of that, it supports over a dozen formats, including MP4, MOV, and M4V.

The best part? Handbrake will never intrude on your privacy with ads. Neither will it ask you to install additional software. That’s because the developers behind this project don’t see it as a business. They are just a bunch of awesome developers who are giving back to the community.

Prisim Video Converter

Prism Video Converter is an excellent option for converting or editing videos on a budget. They have both free and paid versions that offer fast conversions and high-quality output.

This software supports over 30 formats, including MP4, MOV, and AVI. And they have a fair amount of editing options as well. Still, it has a limited number of pre-set profiles, but it supports all popular containers.

That being said, the Prism converter is easy to use, beginner-friendly, and fast.

DivX Video Converter

DivX Video Converter offers a trial version that allows video conversion and editing. While they don’t limit features for free users, they are quite pushy when it comes to upsells. However, that’s a small price to pay for free high-quality video conversions.

The Bottom Line

A free converter is an excellent option for lean times. But the developers have to make money. So you might have to deal with intrusive ads and/or annoying upsells until you buy a subscription.