Everything You Need to Know about Video Conversion

Conversion is the process of changing a media file format from one form to another. And it’s usually done when optimising files for other devices and applications. For example, you might want to change an AVI file to an MP4 for editing. That’s because AVI does not mix well with editing software.

In this blog, we cover everything you need to know about video conversions. It includes all the popular video formats and the best tools for the job.

Some of the Topics We Cover Inside:

  • Top Premium Converters of 2020: There are as many video converters as there are formats out there. However, only a few of them are worth your time and money. Discover the top paid video converters for Windows in 2020.
  • Video Converters for Mac: This blog wouldn’t be complete without a list of conversion software for Mac. We reveal the best paid and free options.
  • File Formats: There are thousands of file formats for audio and video right now. But they all fall into two major categories: on and offline. Find out more about the most popular media formats in our blog.
  • Top Reasons Why People Convert Video: The market is currently flooded with conversion software. And it’s easy to see why. There’s enough demand for the service. We explore the main reasons why people convert videos in our detailed post.
  • MP4 vs MKV: Okay, both of them are excellent video formats. However, the best option depends on what you intend to do. Check out our full blog for more insight on this topic.

Did any of this content capture your interest?

Well, there’s that and much, much more. Feel free to check around for the latest developments in the media conversion world. We have everything, from the top conversion software to how to launch an on-demand video service.