Avi to Mpeg - User Manual and Help

If you have version lower than upgrade is strongly recommended

Avi to Mpeg needs to be instaled in order to run properly or can be run as a portable software if you download portable version. This is the default window of Avi to Mpeg:

screenshot 01

Choose "Add Video" option and pick a video file you want to convert to MPEG. A sub-window that contains preview area and various options will be opened on top of the main window:

screenshot 02

Output Format - Choose if you want to re-encode your video into MPEG1 or MPEG2. More infromation on those here.

Output Quality - Choose one of quality presets/bitrates.

Video Size - Choose one of many predefined resolutions for resulting MPEG video

Frame Rate - Choose a playback frame rate for resulting MPEG video.

On the left side is a preview area, where you can scrub through your input avi video for previewing purposes. Once finished, press OK and a converting job will be added into listing. You can add as many jobs as you want.At the bottom of the screen ther is a file picker to choose a output folder, ie. a folder where the resulting vide will be saved.

screenshot 03

To start converting a video file select a job and press "Convert". You can pause or stop converting at any time.If you have "Preview" turned on you can watch a video being converted in a window:

screenshot 04

Should you have any questions please Contact Me, I will answer as time permits. If you find this software useful please put a link to it on your website or blog so it can reach more users.